April Book Dump

I have no idea what I even did with April. I finally had some more time for myself. I picked up two books that I started in January and put down after about 20 pages. April felt like the right time to puck them up again.

April brought a lot of big changes to my life. It seems fitting that I finally finished two self improvement or self help books this month.

I finally finished the Year of Yes. Shonda Rhimes is my new hero. It also has caused me to dive head first into catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. For those who care- I will also be catching up on Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I have a whole new found respect for Shonda Rhimes. I need to see all of her bodies of work.

I also finished Jen Sincero’s You are a Bad Ass. Everyone had those moments where they doubt how awesome they are. Her concise chapters drive home her points in a fun and relatable way. Anyone can benefit from reading her book and I recommend that everyone does.

Who has read either of these books? What self help or self improvement book would you recommend?



Happy Sunday Literary Lady with Libations Fans!

I am finally in the process of updating the website and really getting it going.

  • I have registered the site name (!!!)
  • I’ve received my microphone to begin the PODCAST portion.
  • I’ve lined up the first couple of interviews for the show.


It’s really happening!!! On this site you will be getting book reviews, book lists, information about upcoming literary events and information about the people who will be appearing on my podcast.

I’d love to have some feedback on the website about what content YOU would like to see to go along with the podcasts. So drop me a line in the contact form if you think something is missing.

Happy Reading and Drinking!

An Introduction

I never know how to start these things. Diving right in always seems like the best bet!

My name is Kaitlyn and I love to read. I’ll be launching a podcast in the next couple of months talking with friends about the books they love, the books they hate and what they are reading right now.

We’ll obviously be indulging in some libations, whether that’s cider, a fine wine, a boujee tea or some deluxe specialty coffee as we chat.

If you love books and love to talk about them then be sure to tune in! Until the podcast is up and running, then feel free to check in here to see what I’m reading and sipping on!