The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Coriolanus Snow has fallen on hard times. Both of his parents are dead. He lives in palatial apartment in the Capitol with this cousin and grandmother but they are almost completely out of money. He has been trying to hold up the facade that everything is fine. His only chance to attend university rests on his ability to guide his tribute through the Hunger Games. He will be able to secure a scholarship and find a way to finally bring glory back to the Snow name.

Unfortunately, he has been assigned the female tribute from District 12. Coriolanus believes his chances of university are gone until Lucy Gray captures the attention of the Capitol. Coriolanus is willing to do anything to win and with Lucy Gray at his side, he just might be able to reclaim the Snow glory.

Suzanne Collins dives into the origins of the Hunger Games in her new young adult novel. For the first time, Hunger Games fans get to hear from the perspective of the Capitol residents. In previous books, Capitol residents remained a mystery. No idea about their motivations or impact of the war on them. I loved the story. I devoured the 518 page book in 36 hours. I would love to see Collins continue to add to this series but if this is her last book in the series I would be okay with that.

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