Talking to Strangers – Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is the best. He has an insatiable curiosity which drives him to explore and examine everything. He finds something that is a little bit interesting and he dives into it to find the reasoning behind it.

His latest book is no different. He is exploring how we communicate with the people around us. He thinks that they way we have been programed to deal with strangers has led us down a dangerous path. And after his examination, I’m inclined to say he is not wrong. He uses famous examples of miscommunications to explore his ideas.

The most striking takeaway for me is the idea of defaulting to the truth. That we instinctually believe that people are going to behave as we do in a situation. This is when things can begin to go sideways. I found it to be startling simple idea that had a broad application to so many situations.

Malcolm Gladwell books are always a good read. He helps to stimulate my brain to look at things differently and to examine the world around me. I would also recommend listening to his podcast series Revisionist History. It is a one hour dive into Gladwell’s research interests.

Who has read Talking to Strangers? What did you think? What is your favorite Malcolm Gladwell book?

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