Becoming by Michelle Obama

To be completely candid, I don’t even remember why I put her book on my wish list for the library but it arrived. I figured I might as well give it a shot. The result? Hands down one of the best books I read in 2018. 

Why did I love it so much? Because of her willingness to share so much of her journey with the public. I only had an inkling of who Michelle Obama was outside of being the First Lady and Barack Obama’s wife. I knew she was a lawyer but I had no idea of any of her professional accomplishments or what her life was like.

She is an extremely driven and accomplished woman. I think what I respected the most about her book was her describing her realization that corporate law was not for her. She did all of the “right” things and still wasn’t happy. It is a difficult concept to grasp when you have achieve your dreams and realize they are not what you thought it would be. I also think that it shows tremendous courage to leave a financially secure job to find a job that makes you happy.

Furthermore, her willingness to talk about her struggles with infertility and in her marriage. Marriage is hard work. Infertility is something that so many women struggle with.  For a woman like Michelle Obama to come out and talk about her struggles helps the to make it acceptable to talk about these difficult topics. I think it’s important to talk about our struggles as well as our successes.

Okay. I’ll stop gushing now. Go out and read the book. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I like to use the New Year and my birthday as the times to reflect and refocus. It also helps that they are about 6 months apart from each other.

I am proud of myself for starting this website. I have grown my audience on the website, instagram and twitter from zero to about one hundred. I’ve been able to keep up a semi-regular posting schedule on all of the platforms. This has been a great project for me.

Which brings me to 2019 and my goals for the Literary Lady with Libations site. My goal is to post at least three posts on a month on here, grow my followers on Twitter and get my Instagram feed on a more regular posting schedule.

In terms of my personal, I am ready to crush some books this year. I really want to focus on reading more diverse books. I have a tendency to read a lot of fiction. I want to read more non fiction. I want to read more authors from different backgrounds than mine. I want to read more short stories. More poetry! And the only way to accomplish that is by making a conscious choice to pick books that are a little bit outside of what I would normally pick up.

And lastly, I want to get out more and explore the different offerings my community has. I have to up the libations game! There are so many new places popping up. I have to get out there and frequent them.

What are your goals for 2019? Reading or otherwise. Travel goals? Let me know in the comments! Let me know if there is anything different you would like to see on here too! I’d love to have suggestions of what you want to see here other than book and restaurants posts.