2018 March Book Dump

TRYING TO BE BETTER. But it would appear I failed for another month seeing as its April 23rd. I’m currently on the road for my full time (“real job”) and have found myself with an extraordinary amount of alone time in hotel rooms over the last few days.

The books I read in March were:

1) Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

2)There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce by Morgan Parker

3) Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

4) Sadness is a White Bird by Moriel

5)Girls Burn Brighter by Shobhan Rao

Fates and Furies knocked my socks off. I only moved it up on my #TBR list because she has another book coming out that has a lot of buzz surrounding it.

I hate to do this but I’m doing it. Sisterland was so incredibly disappointing. Which I think speaks more to me than Sittenfeld as a writer. I have high hopes and then am always disappointed by her stories. I should just stop reading her. The stories she tells don’t engage me in they way I expect to be engaged. (I take that back, I loved American Wife. However, I think that it set the bar too high for any of her other novels to follow up and be satisfying.)

I read Girls Burn Brighter in one day. Which says two things: 1) it was a great story 2)I was at my parents house for Easter break and had nothing to do. It was an eye opening book and am in the midst of doing a deep dive into the background information on the book.

Happy Reading and Drinking!


Happy Sunday Literary Lady with Libations Fans!

I am finally in the process of updating the website and really getting it going.

  • I have registered the site name (!!!)
  • I’ve received my microphone to begin the PODCAST portion.
  • I’ve lined up the first couple of interviews for the show.


It’s really happening!!! On this site you will be getting book reviews, book lists, information about upcoming literary events and information about the people who will be appearing on my podcast.

I’d love to have some feedback on the website about what content YOU would like to see to go along with the podcasts. So drop me a line in the contact form if you think something is missing.

Happy Reading and Drinking!